Steve Jobs and the Man from Pepsi.
How Steve Jobs managed to convince the Pepsi CEO John Sculley
(the inventor of the Pepsi challenge), to come over and join Apple.
Driving the Blues Away, Publication Studio, Portland, 18 October 2012.


Jesus Never Had Sex with the Disciples.
Why miracles only happen in Africa, Asia and Europe. Why an American
standard is the ideal standard. And a question to Jean-Paul Sartre.

Driving the Blues Away, Western Front, Vancouver, 23 October, 2012.


The Storty of Io.
Retold from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
Driving the Blues Away, Hugenottenhaus, Kassel, 12 August, 2012.


The Rothko Effect.
How two reproductions of Mark Rothko cured me from all suicidal tendencies,
in the case I had any.
Valerie Galner, Copenhagen, 30 May, 2015.


The Radio Effect.
How my grandfather ended up not killing himself by turning on the radio.
Overgaden, Copenhagen,  7 June, 2013.


Peanut Butter.
Childhood memories and a walk through midwinter Tromsø at the opening
of an exhibition about being young.
Travelling Alone, Tromsø Kunstforeming, Tromsø, 16 January 2015.


A Modest Proposal.
A speech to Danish poets on how to deal with racism in Denmark.
Øverste Kirurgiske, Copenhagen, 15 September 2011.


A Little Tale about the Ventriloquist Paul Winchell.
DR P3 1963-2013, 50 years of Danish State Controlled Pop Radio,
Sorø Kunstmuseum, 26 January 2013


An Intergalactic Phenomenology of the Pop Radio DJ.
How would Danish pop radio DJs (or other pop radio DJs on this planet)
sound to an anthropologist from outer space?
DR P3 1963-2013, 50 years of Danish State Controlled Pop Radio,
Kunsthall Nord, Aalborg, 20 January, 2013.


Dionysos in Chains.
A lecture performance where I talk about the phenomemology and ontology of the Danish pop radio DJ voice to a conference of international radio researchers.
Larm Conference, Copenhagen University, 14 November, 2013.


Stand-up in Helsinki.
Turning biography into comedy on a comedy stage in Finland
Molly Malone’s, Helsinki, 17 May 2011.


There’s Coffee in the Pot.
Proposing a new slogan to attract tourists to Denmark.
It’s all National, The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, 4 December 2009


RED ALERT! Copenhagen, 1 September 2012.
RED ALERT! is a talk show on the brink of disaster.
This RED ALERT! edition was done at the Alt_Copenhagen art fair, organized by SixtEight Art Space. Many thanks to Christopher Sand Iversen for fantastic co-hosting.


RED ALERT! Riga, 6 October 2012.
RED ALERT! is a talk show on the brink of disaster.
The fantastic co-host: Krõõt Juurak. The fabulous band: The Riga Horn Quartet.
A part of the exhibition “And So on and so Fort” at KIM? (yes, that’s the name, it means “what is contemporary art?” in Latvian).


Cutting Onions.
Art and politics. Language and politics. Intercultural communication.
Public art. 
It’s all very difficult.
Going Public, European Network for Public Art Producers, Bilbao, 23 March 2012.


Why Pollock Didn’t Sing While Dripping.
Why artists do what they’re told.
Bedingungslose Akademie, HGB, Leipzig, 9 February 2012.


A Talk On Three Things.
Reality: Sometimes we want it, sometimes we don’t.
And a lot of the time we prefer something in-between, like a documentary film.
Names: It’s funny how easily we seem to accept names.
But what sense does it make for a computer to carry the name of a fruit?
Sanitary porcelain: Why it’s improbable to get rich selling sanitary porcelain.
Three Uses of the Knife, The National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, 18 November 2011.


Some Remarks on History.
Musings on neoclassical sculpture, and contemporary Danish politics.
Summer Exhibition, Den Frie, Copenhagen, 2 July – 7 August 2012.


RED ALERT! A talk show on the brink of disaster.
A series of six live talk shows in the winter and spring of 2011-2012.
Improvised ramblings, guests, and an orchestra.
Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, 2 March 2011, second half.


What the Fuck is Going on in DR, the Danish State Broadcasting Organisation?
Olof grew up listening to pirate radio, and finds it a bit remarkable that
the youth channel of the Danish State Radio, P3, is using a pirate flag.
Taler Til Folket, Publik, Enghaveparken, Copenhagen, 3 September 2010, excerpt.


Office Work.
Cutting 500 A4 pieces of paper into 8000 pieces of A8 paper.
Gestures, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 16 Jan – 6 June 2010, excerpt.


No Limit.
Not for the faint hearted.
Fetish+Konsum, Akademie Schloss Solitude, 28 May – 5 July 2008.

























































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